Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 2 of Amy's San Diego Adventure

Hi Everyone
Well, the weather in sunny San Diego isn't !  So when hubby got in from work we went shopping on the way to the casino.  Shopping is my fun & the 3 card poker is hubby's.
So I picked up a few things that I needed. 

This is my 2nd haul from hubby's winnings.  Like I said the casino is hubby's thing.  I go over to the Food Court & find a table & draw or color while he's at the tableI go check in & get
the $25.00  & up chips from him & cash them in & then take off again. Last night this lady at the table blamed me for the table going cold. So I kind of got my nose out of joint.  I left & went to the gift shop & took my revenge.

Like the braclet?  I did get a good deal on it.  it started out at $300.00 and something but it was 70% off.  I went back to the table & the lady who complained about me was gone & hubby had a stack of $100.00 chips in front of him.  So you know I couldn't get my hands on them fast enough & get to the cashiers cage with them.  I did let him keep one.  He had a bunch of the $5.00 chips already. But the next time I went back to the table everyone who had been there including hubby had left.  So I tracked him down over in the slots area.  Pretty soon after I found him we left for home.  After all we had been there for 5hrs. And Amy's & my fun meter was peged out.  Not sure what we have planned for today.  The weather is overcast & I do have some cards that I need to get done if I'm going to make challenge cut off times.  Maybe I will take Amy out some place nice for a bite to eat.
See you all later!
BJ & Amy

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  1. What a great time I'm having...the bracelet is so pretty and I who wouldn't love a trip to the scrappy store!